Some interesting facts about steel

Steel has been at the top of the list of construction materials for more than 200 years. Ever since we humans became aware of its superiority over materials such as wood or concrete in mechanical matters, we have never stopped using steel to build the most impressive structures imaginable. One of the little known advantages […]

Five Awesome Steel Structures Outside the States

Previously we showed you the five most impressive steel structures in the United States. In this opportunity, we will prove to you how around the world they also trust in the supremacy of steel. From France to Taiwan, here are some iconic structures built with structural steel: The Eiffel Tower, FranceLocated in the city of […]

Five surprising steel structures

When it comes to construction, nothing is comparable to structural steel. Its reliability, resistance and durability have positioned it as the material of choice when building impressive buildings that last over time.To prove this, here are five of the most impressive steel structures in America: Brooklyn Bridge, New YorkThe imposing Brooklyn Bridge at the time […]

What is structural Steel?

In our daily lives, both in large cities and in the most remote villages, we find different varieties of steel. This material has been part of our history as a species for three millennia and is essential for the development of our great societies. Structural steel is nothing more than an alloy of iron with […]