Five surprising steel structures

Five surprising steel structures

When it comes to construction, nothing is comparable to structural steel. Its reliability, resistance and durability have positioned it as the material of choice when building impressive buildings that last over time.
To prove this, here are five of the most impressive steel structures in America:

  • Brooklyn Bridge, New York
    The imposing Brooklyn Bridge at the time of its inauguration was the largest suspension bridge in the world. At almost two kilometers long, it has remained strong for 183 years, something only possible thanks to the quality of the steel with which it was built.
  • Empire State Building, New York
    Who doesn’t remember the iconic scene of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building? This magnificent building certainly has an imperial status. Such an imposing building can only be achieved using a good amount of material. Only in its frame 57,000 tons of quality steel were carried.
Empire State Building Estados - Foto gratis en Pixabay
  • Willis Tower, Chicago
    Known for being the tallest steel building in the world, the Willis Tower receives at least one million tourists each year. A curious fact is that it was used in the movie Man of Steel, definitely an iconic tower.
File:Chicago - Willis Tower.jpg
  • The Seagram Building, New York
    A masterpiece of the great German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, in collaboration with Philip Johnson. This extremely elegant steel tower is the headquarters of the Seagram Corporation and illustrates the motto “Less is more”. It is considered a symbol of the contemporary industrial world.
File:Seagram Building.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  • Gateway Arch, Missouri
    As the memorial to the westward expansion of the United States, the Gateway Arch remains the tallest man-made monument in the entire country. It cost 13,000,000 usd in 1963 which is equivalent to 111,386,000 usd today.
File:St Louis night expblend.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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