Some interesting facts about steel

Some interesting facts about steel

Steel has been at the top of the list of construction materials for more than 200 years. Ever since we humans became aware of its superiority over materials such as wood or concrete in mechanical matters, we have never stopped using steel to build the most impressive structures imaginable.

One of the little known advantages of steel is that it is a rather «green» material.

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That is why on this occasion we thought you might like to know some really interesting facts about steel:

  • Its life cycle is unlimited, i.e. it has excellent durability and is reusable.
  • Its production has a low environmental impact, as it tries to make the most of its manufacturing resources.
  • It is the most recycled resource worldwide.
  • For every ton of steel recycled, the extraction of 2.5 tons of iron is avoided.
  • Steel recycling significantly reduces CO2 emissions.
  • In the United States alone, more than 80 million tons of steel are recycled each year.

At builtecusa we advise you on your project and we are environmentally conscious.

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