Five Awesome Steel Structures Outside the States

Five Awesome Steel Structures Outside the States

Previously we showed you the five most impressive steel structures in the United States. In this opportunity, we will prove to you how around the world they also trust in the supremacy of steel. From France to Taiwan, here are some iconic structures built with structural steel:

  • The Eiffel Tower, France
    Located in the city of love, it is one of the most iconic buildings of all humanity. At 328 yards tall it remains the tallest building in all of Paris. It was built in 1889 and is still admired more than a century later.
File:Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, 2018.jpg
  • Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates
    There is no doubt that when you talk about luxury you think of Dubai. It is the city of money and could not be represented by any other construction than the Burj Khalifa. The huge skyscraper is the tallest structure in human history. Approximately 31,400 metric tons of steel bars were used in its construction.
File:Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Unsplash suv4vuJsH6g).jpg
  • Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia
    Australia could not be missing from this list. This wonderful bridge serves as a link between the financial center of the city and the north coast. 52,800 tons of steel were used in its construction.
Sydney harbour bridge new south wales.jpg
  • Beijing National Stadium, China
    We travel to the east to highlight the protagonist of the 2008 Olympic games. This grandiose stadium that resembles the shape of a bird’s nest has more than 42,000 tons of steel. It is a beauty to see how, in addition to being resistant, it has several decorative elements of Chinese culture.
File:Exterior of Beijing National Stadium at night, October 2015 (1).jpg
  • Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan.
    If you care about the environment, you will be fascinated by the Taipei Tower. It has the title of tallest ecological skyscraper in the world and has multiple technological innovations in the area of architecture. For example, its windows are capable of protecting the interior of the building from the heat of the outside .Amazing.
Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan

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