What is structural Steel?

What is structural Steel?

In our daily lives, both in large cities and in the most remote villages, we find different varieties of steel. This material has been part of our history as a species for three millennia and is essential for the development of our great societies.

Who Invented Steel: A Look at the Timeline of Steel Production

Structural steel is nothing more than an alloy of iron with carbon, along with other elements to a lesser extent such as phosphorus, sulfur and oxygen. It is a material used in all types of structures and has a series of properties that make it reliable:


• It has a very high resistance, of approximately 340 mega-pascals in most structural steels, although in some special grades it can reach up to 480 mega-pascals.
• Its homogeneous mixture gives it reliability.
• It can be solded.
• It is not a flammable material.
• Its relative elasticity gives it versatility when employed.
• Resists corrosion well.
• It has high ductility, that is, it can deform under a force without breaking.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage in its use is that structural steel can see its mechanical properties deteriorate if it is subjected to high temperatures. It is also possible that, if proper maintenance is not carried out, it could be affected by corrosion. To avoid the above, it is advisable to paint the steel periodically.

Boris Carrillo
Boris Carrillo

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